“So how do you get more new innovative technology to market? Well, you take risks for sure, but you have to have a process for churning the evolution of technology and turning concepts in the minds of researchers and entrepreneurs into commercialized products in the market. The contents of this book will not only do that for the reader, but the book will also show the pitfalls to avoid along the way. Not every good idea is able to get to market. … And what causes innovators to fail? The answers to these and other important questions are addressed in the book.”

—From the Foreword by John W. Manzetti, President and CEO, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, Founder, Managing Director, PLSG Accelerator Fund

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For Students


Students gain an appreciation for the necessary data, partnership, and skills to be acquired and the constituencies that must be satisfied along the way. 

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For Educators


Individual Chapter PowerPoints and Test Banks detail the methodologies and connected processes for your students.

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For Industry


Unfortunately, industry must frequently decide to acquire a company before it has scaled and demonstrated its full potential. Thus the acquisition has risk and techniques are provided.

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For Investors


Investors use an entrepreneur’s previous success as a surrogate for future success. With the majority of startups failing, what do these people know that the rest of us don’t?

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